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Where I live is known as the Upper Colorado River Basin, one of the ten most endangered rivers in America. The picture above is of the Flaming Gorge reservoir in Wyoming, which is along another major Colorado River tributary, the Green River. An in-progress novel, WHILE BUTCH ROBS TRAINS, is set in the Green River Basin of Colorado and Utah.

I grew up in New Hampshire but wound up here in Colorado, where I put myself through college, raised a son, and now live with two dogs, two cats, and one nice guy. I enjoy all the standard Colorado outdoor activities.

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My literary short fiction and poetry appear in Confrontation, Phoebe, Cimarron Review, South Dakota Review, Adirondack Review, Barrow Street, Spillway, Literary Mama, Tar River Poetry, and in many other journals.

I taught writing at the University of Colorado-Boulder for several years and more recently I’ve tried to earn a living writing marketing copy and doing social media for Microsoft and other software companies. As the 2011-2012 George Bennett Fellow/Writer-in-Residence at Phillips Exeter Academy, I mainly focused on the WHILE BUTCH ROBS TRAINS manuscript. I also assembled a poetry chapbook from existing work. That became Wild Thing in Our Known World, available from Finishing Line Press or at your friendly local bookstore, if you ask.

Thanks for checking out my work and for reading the posts on this blog.

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Big Poetry Giveaway + (2016)

April being National Poetry Month, I thought I’d get back to a celebration Kelli Russell Agodon started a few years back: the Big Poetry Giveaway. I skipped last year, so I feel guilty, even though I think Agodon herself isn’t doing this anymore.

Here’s how it works. I offer some books. (The original idea was for poets to offer their own book and at least one book by someone else.) You comment saying which book you want. DON’T OFFER ANY CONTACT info unless you’re crazy and don’t care how many people on the internet know how to get a hold of you. WordPress enables me to email you back based on your name/avatar for those details. At the end of April or sometime in early May, whenever I get around to it, I’ll pull a name out of a hat for each book offered and send the book to the “winner”free, gratis, no charge, postage paid. That’s it! All because it’s National Poetry Month and you and everyone else should be reading more poetry.

Further details, just to test your reading comprehension, and my ability to deal:

There will be three featured offerings. These are the ones I’ll pick “winners” for. Then there will be other stuff, still free, sent postage-paid, etc. These will be first come, first served. This might be total chaos. Let’s see how it goes, and we’ll all do our best.

All mailing timelines will be based on whenever I get around to going to the post office. That is, probably June.:)

But, as I said, FREE! FREE! FREE!

So: Here are the featured offerings, including Kelli Agodon’s own work, Hourglass Museum, which was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award, among other prizes. You can find a discussion guide for the book here.

Also, WET LAND, by the queer pagan witch (not to label anyone) Lucas de Lima.

And, naturally, my own chapbook (2 copies), Wild Thing in Our Known World. You can find several content samples right here on this site, such as this one, or this.

Be sure to tell me which book you want with your comment.



More poetry books, first come, first served. None of these sucks. Be sure to say which book you want in your comment.


Other Free Stuff

Grab bag of literary magazines. Maybe you’re a writer who needs sample lit mags for market research, or an editor who wants to know what’s going on with other journals. It’s hard to subscribe or order sample issues all the time. And here I am, wondering what to do with all the magazines I’ve got piled up. I hate to toss them, and I don’t have room on my shelves. So it’s win/win if I can just mail them off to you. Note that occasionally a page may be missing if I happened to have torn out a poem I liked and pasted it into my journal. Just put your name down and depending on how many people respond, I’ll send you a few. There’s quite a range here from poetry-only, to fiction-only, to journals that feature all sorts of writing. From the most prestigious to the just starting out. This picture probably isn’t even complete, and there might be a couple of things mixed in that are not journals and not included. Sorry about that. But you get the idea.

Don’t forget to mention “lit mag” when you comment.

2016-04-18 18.09.42


Poetry chapbook grab bag. If you’re entering contests, you might want to know what presses are selecting. Here’s your chance to look over a few winners. Again, put your name down and I’ll send you one, or a couple, or all of them, depending on how many people respond. Just specify “chapbook” when you respond.

2016-04-18 18.11.45

That’s enough for this April. Cheers!

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