Berkshire Review, “Nymphs”
bosque magazine, “
Why do you imagine golden birds?”
Confrontation, “Hangfire”
DoveTales, “Hangfire” (reprinted)
Cimarron Review, “White Lilac”
Cooweescoowee, “Volunteers”
The Exeter Bulletin, “Heartshot” (essay)
The G.W. Review, “In Garnet Canyon”
phoebe, “Wetlands”
South Dakota Review, “Twice Removed”
Sunspot Literary Journal, “South Road” (March 2021 issue)

NEW! Chapbook: “Double Negative, a long-form personal essay. Winner of the Split/Lip Press nonfiction/hybrid prize. Forthcoming March 2022.

Anthology: A Book of Meditations, Volume IV, Readings from Phillips Exeter Academy 2008-2016 (Phillips Exeter Academy, 2017), “Border Patrol” (personal essay delivered while writer-in-residence)

NEW! Book: The Land of Stone and River, Moon City Poetry Award winner, forthcoming from Moon City Press (Dec 2021)
Chapbook: Wild Thing in Our Known World, Finishing Line Press
Anthology: A Democracy of Poets, The Aspen Poets Society (AGS, 2015), Three Poems

Adirondack Review,Flushed
Artful Dodge, “Traces”
Aspen Daily News, Five Poems
Awakenings Review, Five Poems
Barrow Street, “On the agony of not being a painter, in the trench between autumn and winter”
bosque magazine, from “As the Wind Comes Among Us”
bosque magazine, Two Poems
Bracken, Two Poems
California Quarterly, “Wishing”
Comstock Review, “Stallion”
Conte, “Bunk with the Beasts”
The Externalist, “Little Bighorn”
Facets, Three Poems
Flint Hills Review, “Book of the Equinox”
Garbanzo! “God of our Nights”
Gulf Stream Literary Magazine,Lamictal, Prelude to the First Dose
Gyroscope Review, About Bears” (p 57)
Literary Accents, “Elements”
Literary Mama,Never
Literary Mama, Two Poems
MARGIE, “Clotted”
Open Minds Quarterly: “Confessional Poem II”
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Spillway, “Headline: Mothers Given Back Babies They Thought Dead”
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Tar River Poetry, “Remanence”
Tar Wolf Review, “Excavated”
Weber: The Contemporary West,Global Warming Scenarios
The Write Launch, Reading Octavio Paz
The Writing Disorder, Three Poems
Vermont Literary Review, Three Poems

George Bennett Fellowship/Writer-in-Residence, Phillips Exeter Academy
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
The Ragdale Foundation