Resolutions I Know I Can Stick To

Last year I set goals, and I made a lot of progress. But I realized that I didn’t always have control over how far I could get. I mean, I avoided things like “win the Nobel prize,” but even targets such as “send out a set of poems every week” weren’t always doable. I got sick, or something else external intervened.

I still sent out a lot of material and completed a lot of projects. I’ll keep working on that.

But I’m committed to making 2011 the year of minimal bummers.

I expect 100% accordance with my New Year’s resolutions.

Here they are, not necessarily in order of importance:

  • Ski
  • Eat chocolate as much as I want
  • Drink as much as I feel like
  • Bake more of the stuff on dj davisson’s blog, such as these incredible cookies
  • Play with my friends
  • Also the dogs
  • Add a few more junk books to my reading list
  • Attend at least two concerts
  • Go clubbing with my kid at least once
  • Find more playful and lighthearted moments in daily life with my partner

I’m not saying there won’t be any major pushes, writing-wise. Or that I won’t volunteer or try to do something less selfish. I’m just not committing to anything that isn’t fun or tasty.

There. That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?