POETRY READING: Live at the SteamPlant Plaza in the artsy little mountain town of Salida, CO. 630 PM, Friday 8/12. Cash bar. With Wendy Videlock and Uche Ogbuji. POETRY READING: Excited to once again be reading (and hanging out) with … Continue reading


Prose Berkshire Review, “Nymphs” bosque magazine, “Why do you imagine golden birds?” Confrontation, “Hangfire” DoveTales, “Hangfire” (reprinted) Cimarron Review, “White Lilac” Cooweescoowee, “Volunteers” The Exeter Bulletin, “Heartshot” (essay) The G.W. Review, “In Garnet Canyon” OVERHEARD, “She Said, He Said” (flash … Continue reading

Standout Reads 2015

Finally! Just squeaking by before the end of the first quarter… here’s my list of the best books I came across LAST year. As always, this list has nothing to do with release dates. Honestly, I was a little disappointed … Continue reading

Upvalley and Downvalley

Where I live now, on Colorado’s Western Slope, towns are strung out along the confluence of two rivers, the Roaring Fork and the Colorado. Those who live “upvalley” live southward along the Roaring Fork, and generally speaking, the richer they … Continue reading

Standout Reads 2012

This year I had more time to read than usual and so I have a lot to say. Again, I’m listing the books that popped for me of those I read in 2012; they may or may not have been … Continue reading

Advice from a Master

Some years ago I took a master class with the poet Marvin Bell. I’d been galvanized by an interview I read in American Poetry Review. The interview (not linked) was accompanied by a selection of Bell’s Resurrected Dead Man poems. … Continue reading