A Public Radio Appearance

You know how strange it is to hear your own voice in a recording or echoing back at you on your cell phone? This past Tues some of my poems were featured on Aspen Public Radio. The host, Roger Adams, KAJX FM news director, and his guest, Kim Nuzzo, a terrific poet and a founder of the Aspen Poets Society, discussed the pieces. Don McIver and David Romvedt, writers I’m in awe of, were also featured. 

Not only was it pretty weird to hear my pre-recorded readings played back, it was quite an experience to listen to how these two poets/poetry fans discussed the sets from each writer. I realized I sometimes mumble, even when I’m trying not to. Not too badly or often, but there it is. My husband is right!

I saw there were some places where I needed to work on intonation and emphasis. That’s okay. I think it went well overall, and I got some insight that will help me grow as a poet and a performer. And Adams and Nuzzo saw elements in my work that I myself had not been aware of. Pretty cool!

The show is posted online, so you can listen to it at least until next week, when an anthology put out by the Aspen Poets Society and featuring local, regional, and national poets who have performed at our monthly gatherings will be highlighted. (That book is called A Democracy of Poets, and also includes work of mine.) Yay for National Poetry Month. Image

By the way, scroll down to my previous post to register to win one of two poetry books. Free shipping, even! This is part of a #BigPoetryGiveaway initiated by Kelli Russell Agodon. In addition to my own chapbook, Wild Thing in Our Known World, I selected Plume, by Kathleen Flenniken. I believe both books are accessible–even if you don’t normally read a lot of poetry. 

Cheers and thanks for listening. 



One thought on “A Public Radio Appearance

  1. Congrats! Pretty special and I shall listen. Ain’t life the berries at times like this? Good friend Barb Loots just had a book of poems entitled ‘Road Trip.’ Fun stuff.


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