April is National Poetry Month! #BigPoetryGiveaway

Image In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m following Kelli Russell Agodon’s lead in offering two free poetry books to someone who comments on this post (and is not a spammer). I’ll ship the books to you at my expense. All you have to do is comment. I’ll put your name in a hat at the end of April, and if you win I’ll post your name on my comment thread. (You might want to set to “follow comments” for this post.) At that point you can use the contact form to send me your address and off we go. I promise to choose names at random.

The deal is, poets usually offer one of their own books, and one book by someone else. Though if you are not a poet you are welcome to use your own blog to participate (the only rule is that you link back to Kelli’s blog), and offer two books of your choosing. So, on offer: One copy of my chapbook, Wild Thing in Our Known World: Image Excerpt:

In winter, Navarre comes over the fence,

Longboned and lean, low, too young for skulking,

They neutered him but still he leads the pack,

This wolf in dog’s clothing.

(From “Navarre,” first published in RHINO)

You can also browse previous posts right here on this blog for sample content of this chapbook or for other examples of my work.


Also, one copy of Kathleen Flenniken’s astonishing collection, Plume, which I mentioned in my Standout Reads 2012 post: Image Here’s a link to a sample poem, “Radiation!” I loved this book for its quiet, image-based protest, based on the author’s experience as both a member of a community organized around working at the Hanford nuclear power plant, and as a scientist later employed at that plant.


These books are offered as an effort to promote poets and poetry–I hope you’ll participate. Again, the books come to you free, with no shipping costs. What can it hurt?

If you’d like to give away a couple of books on your blog, check out the instructions on Kelli’s blog. Please be sure to link back to Kelli’s blog, and if you heard about the giveaway here first, please also link to this post as well.

Again, to enter, just leave a comment on this blog post.

Thanks and happy poetry month!


(Top photo credit: Kelli Russell Agodon)


52 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month! #BigPoetryGiveaway

  1. Would love to be included and to read both of these. I would even write a review on Amazon and those places! -Matthew Silverman, Poetry Editor at Blue Lyra Review and Review Editor at Museum of Americana.

  2. Hi Claudia! Thank you for your generous offer. Please include me. I love the image in your poem “a wolf in dog’s clothing.”

    Also, I am intrigued by Kathleen. Though I haven’t worked at Hanford, I have consulted in the nuclear industry most of my professional life. As both a chemist and a physicist I can appreciate the challenges of folding science and engineering into poems (and not get rotten tomatoes thrown at me). In a recent fundraiser for Tupelo Press, I wrote three comedic nuclear-related poems. Scroll down to the March 27, 28, and 29 poems found here: http://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/3030-project-march-2014/ and find the “Red Radiation Dairies of an Overexposed Nuclear Worker” (there are links back to my website/blog for the backstory).

    I hope you are having fun writing poetry this month; I certainly am🙂


  3. Hey, thank you for taking part
    will be happy to get on the list to one of your offers.

    (also, I was all too late to join the Giveaway! officially but decided to pirate it and will be giving away few books. Feel welcomed to drop by and see if there is something in there for you)

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  5. Claudia, it’s been a pleasure visiting this blog. I’d be thrilled to be able to have a copy of either book. I missed Kathleen’s Ohio reading this year and don’t have the book yet, nor yours. Happy Poetry Month! Happy Poem in My Pocket Day!
    diane kendig

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