He That Presents Himself

Your dogs every one of them

wonderful, the best, but this the one

who loved me.

Cinnamon chow chow,

one of those things: in for bunny food,

out with a puppy.

He’d been five months in a cage;

he ducked, staggered beneath

the sky, tumbled on stairs.

One month later, little furball, he purged

a bear from our yard.

Two years on, that dog

would tree a lion for me.

First night in my house,

he laid himself across my bedroom

threshold. I looked it up.

Chows are bred for this.

Guardians of temples, palaces,

they close apertures against

the seen and the unseen.

It was what I needed at that time,

right after my divorce,

bears thick as thieves in the yard,

my halls infested with demons.


Stephen (right), Dec 16, 1999-Dec 2, 2013. Thank you for your service.


4 thoughts on “He That Presents Himself

  1. A wonderful tribute to your good friend and protector. You were lucky to have found each other … Those relationships are incomparable.


    Joseph Todd St. Cyr JOSEPH TODD EVENTS Mobile 646 345 6367

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  2. great tribute…my doggie is 12, slowing a bit, but still loves life…my neighbors just lost their mini-schnauzer at 14 and they are heartbroken. read eugene o’neill’s tribute to his dog… keep up the blog!


    On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Claudia Putnam wrote:

    > Claudia Putnam posted: “Your dogs every one of them wonderful, the > best, but this the one who loved me. Cinnamon chow > chow, one of th”

  3. I loved this Claudia, as I always love reading your writings. I am hoping this reply works. I guess I never knew it was this easy to reply to you. Sometimes I am so dense with technology. Anyway, I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful companion. Hope this finds you well and happy nonetheless. Much love to you and all beings surrounding you. Kerry

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