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Where I live is known as the Upper Colorado River Basin, one of the ten most endangered rivers in America. The picture above is of the Flaming Gorge reservoir in Wyoming, which is along another major Colorado River tributary, the Green River. An in-progress novel, WHILE BUTCH ROBS TRAINS, is set in the Green River Basin of Colorado and Utah.

I grew up in New Hampshire but wound up here in Colorado, where I put myself through college, raised a son, and now live with two dogs, two cats, and one nice guy. I enjoy all the standard Colorado outdoor activities.

My literary short fiction and poetry appear in Confrontation, Phoebe, Cimarron Review, South Dakota Review, Adirondack Review, Barrow Street, Spillway, Literary Mama, and in many other journals. I taught writing at the University of Colorado-Boulder for several years and more recently I’ve tried to earn a living writing marketing copy and doing social media for Microsoft and other software companies. As the 2011-2012 George Bennett Fellow/Writer-in-Residence at Phillips Exeter Academy, I mainly focused on the WHILE BUTCH ROBS TRAINS manuscript. I also assembled a poetry chapbook from existing work. That became Wild Thing in Our Known World, available from Finishing Line Press, on Amazon, or at your friendly local bookstore, if you ask.


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You should get this

In any given year, I usually have a few things published. Poems, for sure, and maybe a story or two. I’m happy to announce that bosque magazine is out, containing my story, “Why do you imagine golden birds?”. This piece offers a strong taste of my novel-in-the-works, WHILE BUTCH ROBS TRAINS. So, I wish you’d buy this issue of the magazine. Or, better yet, go ahead and subscribe. Literary journals like this one need you.

At any rate, please check out bosque and the people behind it.


bosque: (pronounced BOHs-keh), the woodlands in and around floodplains and riverbanks in the American Southwest

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