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Writing fiction and poetry–and whatever else, including marketing copy–alongside the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers. Work appears in many literary journals; a novel is in progress. If I’m not writing at my treadmill desk, you can find me on the slopes or the crags.


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Some still wait for #COflood relief dough

Claudia Putnam:

This has happened with those still trying to return home in NYC after Hurricane Sandy, too.

Originally posted on Coyote Gulch:

Plume of subtropical moisture streaming into Colorado September 2013 via Weather5280

Plume of subtropical moisture streaming into Colorado September 2013 via Weather5280

From the Estes Park Trail-Gazette (David Persons):

The town, local businesses and residents have rolled up their collective sleeves and gone about the task of rebuilding the community.

It has taken a lot of hard work. It’s also taken a lot of money from a variety of sources. But, a large part of the recovery work has been accomplished.

The work was expected. The recovery money was expected, too.

What wasn’t expected was how hard and how long it was going to take to get funds – especially grant money – that was needed to offset huge losses.

While some federal and state recovery funds have been received by the town, the only money that local businesses have received has been SBA loans, which must be paid back, and some assistance from the United Way of Larimer County’s Small…

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